he Flying Anvil Fondation’s goal is to promote the professional competencies of farriery in countries with obvious needs. In order to achieve its goals, it organizes courses on a one-off or on a regular basis, it initiates collaborations with local authorities, and seeks to open local training facilities – these becoming self-sustaining at a local level after a few years of supervised functioning.

Mode of functioning

The Flying Anvil Fondation organizes one-off farriery courses in response to individual requests, in collaboration with local authorities.
The Flying Anvil Fondation also has longer-term ambitions, such as the follow-up of farriers in emerging countries and the creation of farriery training schemes. The Flying Anvil Fondation has opened its first Institute in Rajasthan (India) in March 2013.
For several years already, the Flying Anvil Fondation has been consolidating a network of volunteer farriers from different parts of the world, ready to share their know-how and devote some of their time to their partner farriers in poorer nations…

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