Flying Anvil Foundation stands at Congresses, workshops and other events.

29 mai 10 June2021

Farriery course in Tehran and Tabriz in Iran

12-15 September 2021

Workshop in Dubai for Indian farriers


Due to the Corona Virus pandemic all our activities have been put on hold


No courses were given during this year for the farriers of our various projects

4-11 February 2019

Evaluation new project:
Cairo Egypte

25-29 September 2019

Haras le Pin France

15-16 June 2019

Forge en Fête our traditional event in Troinex Geneva Switzerland
Link – Jangala

11 au 13 April 2019

Spring Games
Gröningen Netherland
Link – Werkman Horseshoes

22-23 June 2018

European Farrier Championships Aarberg Suisse

16-17 June 2018

Forge en Fête our traditional event in Troinex Switzerland
Link – Jangala

24-25 November 2017

Mayo college workshop on farriery
Ajmer, Rajasthan Inde

13 au 18 Nov 2017

Veterinary college Pune Inde, Ahmedabad Gujarat Inde, Veterinary college Deesa Gujarat Inde, Surat Gujarat Inde conferences and demonstrations on farriery and the news in the profession

10-11 June 2017

Forge en Fête our traditional event in Troinex Switzerland
Link – Jangala

20-22 April 2017

Werkman Spring Games, Tolbert, Netherland
Link – Werkman Horseshoes

24 July – August 8 2016

Course No. 1 / Mabatho
Sponsor Barbour Fondation Geneva

11-12 juin 2016

Forge en Fête à Troinex
Link – Jangala

19-20-21 Mai 2016

3ème Congrès de Podologie Equine Segovie Espagne
Link – Congrès programme

November 18-22 2015

Pushkar Fair Rajasthan India
The largest camel and horse fair in Asia
our trainees gave demo horse trimmimng and shoeing

September 25-26 2015

Equimeeting, Haras National du Pin, France
Link – Haras Nationaux

April 16-18 2015

Werkman Spring Games, Tolbert, The Netherlands
Link – Werkman Horseshoes

December 11-14 2014

Horse Jumping Show, Geneva, Switzerland

October 16-18 2014

Luwex Hufsymposium, Kreuth, Germany
Link –

July 25-27 2014

European Farriery Championship and Convention, Myerscough College, Preston, Lancashire, England
Link – efcc2014

June 28 2014

Forge en Fête, Geneva, Switzerland

January 28-31 2014

“Hoof Care Summit”, Cincinnati, United States of America
Link – American Farriers

December 12-15 2013

Geneva Horse Show 2013, Geneva, Switzerland
Link – CHI Geneve

October 31-November 2 2013

“Luwex Hufsymposium”, Kreuth, Germany
Link – Luwex Hoofcare

June 8 2013

“Beaulieu en Campagne”, Coutryland in the City, Geneva, Switzerland

May 25 2013

Vide-Grenier de Troinex, Geneva, Switzerland

26-28 Avril 2013

Horse Fair Exhibition, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

April 18-20 2013

Werkman Horseshoes Spring Games Contest and Congress 2013, Tolbert, Netherlands

February 20 2013

Charity event FAF/Pamir Bridges, Troinex, Geneva

December 11-13 2012

12th Equine surgery and medicine Congress, Geneva, Switzerland

December 6-9 2012

CHI-W Geneva, Switzerland
During the show the FAF received a special Award
from the “Horse of the World”

October 18-20 2012

15th International Congress LUWEX, Kreuth, Germany

May 24-26 2012

2nd International Congress in Equine Podology, Segovia, Spain

December 8-11 2011

CHI-W Geneva, Switzerland

November 2-6 2011

12th Congress of the World Equine Veterinary Association(WEVA): Hyderabad, India

October 20-22 2011

14th International Congress LUWEX, Kreuth, Germany

September 30 and October 1 2011

Equimeeting, Haras national du Pin, Argentan, France

august 2011

Presentation of FAF at the Jaeger LeCoultre Final of the Vetay Polo Club, Geneva, Switzerland

february 01-03 2011

Presentation of FAF and nomination of Bernard Duvernay in « Hall of Fame », Cincinnati Hoof Care Summit, USA

November 01-02 2010

International Colloquium on Working Equids, New Dehli, India

October 21-23 2010

13th International Congress LUWEX, Kreuth, Germany

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