In response to requests and in collaboration with local organizations, FAF sets up customized 1-2 week training modules.
FAF puts the priority on regions where farriery education is poor or neglected, and where working equines are plentiful.

12 au 22 août 2019

Cours maréchalerie: Tehran and Tabriz
Sponsor FAF Geneva

6 avril 2019

Workshop at PBG stables
New Delhi India
Sponsor: FAF Geneva

2 au 22 août 2018

Workshops: Villages around Cusco
Peru South America
Sponsor: Equitarian Initiative USA

20 April au 8 May

Workshops: Brisbane – Scone – Melbourne
Sponsor: FAF Gerneva

9-25 April 2018

Farriery course in Mabatho
Lesotho South Africa
Sponsor Foundation Barbour Geneva

24-25 Novembre 2017

Workshop India
Mayo College Ajmer Rajasthan India
Sponsor FAF

18-19 Novembre 2017

Workshop India
Surat Gujarat India
Sponsor FAF

16-17 Novembre 2017

Workshop India
Desa Veterinary College Gujarat India
Sponsor FAF

14-15 Novembre 2017

Workshop India
Ahmedabad Gujarat India
Sponsor FAF

13 Novembre 2017

Workshop Inde
Veterinary College Pune India
Sponsor FAF

23 février – 12 mars 2017

Cours 2 / Mabatho
Sponsor Barbour Fondation Genève

october 31- november 6 2016

Workshop Sri Lanka
Race Course Nuwara Eliya
Sponsor FAF

24 July 8 August 2016

Workshop Lesotho
Sponsor: Foundation Barbour Geneva

14-23 july 2016

Workshop Madgascar Tananarive
Sponsor: FEI Solidarity program

October 31-
November 1st&2nd 2014

Workshop for farriers during the Johdpur Marwari Horse show, at the Maharaja Gajsingh sports foundation polo ground. Johdpur, India.

May 18-25 2014

Workshops for farriers and vets in Tehran & Mashad, Iran

October 14-25 2013

Workshops for farriers and blacksmiths in Caracol, Barskoon, Tup & Bishkek, Kirghizstan

April 01-14 2013

Workshops for farriers and blacksmiths in Caracol & Barskoon, Kyrghizstan

December 01-02 2012

Workshop, Bangalore, Rajasthan, India

March 14-16 2012

Workshop, Balotra horse Fair, Rajasthan, India

March 4 2012

Workshop, Dundlod, Rajasthan, India

November 10-24 2011

Workshop for street farriers, Bangalore, India /Workshop farriers at Embassy Club, Bangalore, India

September 2011

Workshop Gdansk, Poland

April-May 2011

Workshop for street farriers, Bangalore, India /Workshop for farriers at Club Embassy, Bangalore, India

March 11-12 2011

Workshop, Jaromer, Czech Republic

November 08-14 2010

Workshop à Merida, Yucatán, Mexico

March 22-24 2010

Workshop, Dundlod, Rajasthan, India

March 2010

Workshop, Jaromer, Czech Republic