Programme 2015

The only Institute to learn farriery in India!

Education programs for farriers, veterinarians and horse breeders


Created by the Flying Anvil Foundation (Geneva Switzerland), the Institute organizes courses for farriers exercising the profession for at least 2 years.

Our program will give a full knowledge on: anatomy, physiology, limb conformation, feet conformation, feet diseases, trimming, shoeing and shoes forging.
Courses are taught by veterinarians and highly qualified farriers, volunteers from Europe, Canada, United States, Australia, and India. Classes are taught in English and translated in Hindi.

A full course is divided in 4 modules of 2 weeks’ time.
To enter the course any unknown farrier has to pass a test to show his ability in the profession.

Limited to 12 students for 2015!!


Program 2015 for Farrier courses at FAF-FID

Course 1: February 2nd to 14th 2015

Basic Anatomy&Physiology, Conformation, Trimming,
1st step forging (tools and shoes)

Course 2: March 16th to 28thh 2015

Anatomy in detail, forging & cold shoeing

Course 3: October 5th to 17th 2015

Cold shoeing test, Forging the shoes , Hot shoeing

Course 4: November 16th to 28th 2015

Forging and hot shoeing, Preparation to the exams, exams, diploma ceremony

No students are accepted for the final examination without following the 4 modules.
The former students are accepted to follow a specific course to refresh their knowledge.


FEES: Rs.10’000/per module
LODGING / MEALS: Rs.400/per day

For fees and registration please contact Mr. Sahib Parminder SINGH as soon as possible:

FAF-FID Dundlod- 333702 Distt. Jhunjhunu.
Rajasthan, India
Phone : 0981 558 1005

Registration form for the course