The use of Hoof explorer at FAF-FID

Since March 2014, FAF has benefitted from a new partnership with the Effigos team, the creators of a brilliant anatomy program called Hoof Explorer.
With its 3D interface, enabling exploration of the horse’s foot, showing all the anatomical structures, tendons, bones, muscles, veins, ligaments, arteries and nerves, Hoof Explorer soon became one of our favourite tools for getting our trainees acquainted with anatomy at the Institute.
During the beginning of our program, we had to do a side by side comparison of the images within the Hoof Explorer with real-life models (amputated and dissected limbs), for the simple reason that some students just weren’t accustomed to seeing 3D images. After this initial familiarisation of the students with the 3D imagery, the program than began to present itself as quite advantageous. Some of the students, for example, began to use Hoof Explorer to revise their anatomy lessons in between classes. Ashok, a student at the institute, confirms that he uses Hoof Explorer to review and familiarise himself with material he couldn’t quite grasp during class. Sudesh, another student and farrier, began using Hoof Explorer in order to explain and illustrate things to his customers: “When I encounter a customer who has a hard time understanding my explanations as to why their horse is having problems and what needs to happen in order to remedy the situation, I use Hoof Explorer to show them even the most inner workings of the their horse’s hoof, giving them a visual perspective that is very helpful!”
Unfortunately, disparities between students are almost unavoidable: between those who speak English and those who do not, the ones who have had basic schooling and the ones who haven’t, as well as students who have access to a computer and those who do not.
The Effigos team has however made a tremendous effort to foster access to the program by providing an offline version of Hoof Explorer for the Institute; moreover, Effigos also offers licenses of the program to our students –we do all that we can to encourage our students to boost their IT skills while providing them access to computers in order for them to make the most of this valuable asset.
Though the idea to help Effigos develop a Hindi version of the application has come up, it may not be necessary, as anatomy terms really don’t exist in Hindi, and English terms are used just about everywhere on the subcontinent. In fact, our students have confirmed that even if some of them do not speak very good English, the program has helped in giving them a greater understanding of the horse’s anatomy.
Upon completing certification at FAF-FID, our students assert and are proud of the fact that, with the help of Hoof Explorer, they feel confident that they can explain basic anatomy to a novice. This is a source of great satisfaction for us, as we can now see the results of our mission statement. Its through this mission of encouraging the transmission of knowledge, including a thorough working knowledge of the hoof anatomy, that we can really benefit and help with the development of farrier profession in India.
Our sincere thanks to the Effigos/Hoofexplorer team for this valuable educational tool!


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