Students training 2018

FAF proposes an initial training course of one-year’s duration, comprising 4 two-weeks sessions (February and March, October and November),
with a final exam. Graduated students of the former years are welcomed to continue their training, to help at the Institute and to train to become future instructors.
Successful candidates will receive the Institute’s official certificate.
With this certification and by working with the Government authorities, FAF is hoping for a recognized qualification and thus,
recognition and enhancement of the status of farriers, as qualified skilled craftsmen.

Brijesh Singh

Profession – Instructor Farrier Indian Cavalry Meerut India
Date of birth –


Umed Soni Singh

Profession – Farrier President Body Guard Delhi India
Date of birth – 16.03.1991


Surendra Nikhil

Profession – Farrier Kerala India
Date of birth –30.05.1999


Suresh Kumar

Profession – Farrier Calcutta race course
Date of birth – 24.06.1994


Sankar G. Govindan

Profession – Farrier ARPA Club Bangalore India
Date of birth – 12.05.97


Manoj Vairavel

Profession – Showjumper trainer, riding teacher, Euroville Pondicherry India
Date of birth –14.01.86


Anan Singh Shekhawat

Profession – Rider at President Body Guard Delhi India
Date of birth –20.09.1991


Guman Singh

Profession – Farrier Jodhpur India
Date of birth – 02.03.1989


Amritpal Singh

Profession – Farrier Jelandar Punjab India
Date of birth –04.08.1998