In certain regions of the world, equines are suffering from unsatisfactory hoof-care as a direct result of a lack in knowledge due to underdevelopment of the farriery profession. The Flying Anvil works tirelessly with educating farriers, veterinarians and horse owners on best hoof-care practices and has held workshops and training schemes in 27 countries spanning 4 continents.

Saving these animals from suffering by displaying solidarity with the worldwide farrier community has never been easier as The Flying Anvil invites you to partake in this falls Solidarity Shoeing Campaign!

The Solidarity Shoeing allows farriers and equine professionals from around the world to come together to promote the development of a highly skilled farriery workforce that takes pride in their profession and encourages a knowledge sharing and international cooperation that spans the entire globe.

By participating in a Solidarity Shoeing you can play a key role in creating better, healthier lives for working equines, all whilst increasing the opportunities for self-sufficiency for farriers in emerging countries as they start to take on more prominent roles within their local communities. All you have to do is contribute with the proceeds of one shoeing to help the Flying Anvil continue its work with fostering farriery knowledge worldwide and share it with your friends online using the hashtag #SolidarityShoeing.

Sign up today and show that you stand in solidarity with the global farrier community! Read more here.