The Flying Anvil Foundation (FAF), non-profit organization, develops farriery training programs worldwide thanks to the support of donors, companies and the devotion of a great team of volunteer-farriers.

In 2013, FAF started its first project of school in India, built the FAF-Farriery Institute Dundlod and became the only centre to learn farriery in this country.

Aulakh Sahib Parminder Singh, successfully completed the course at FAF-Farriery Institute Dundlod, in 2013. Since then, he has become the official interpreter (English-Hindi) of the Institute and the Indian coordinator of the FAF.

Sahib is one of our key hopes to see sometime soon qualified Indian farriers becoming themselves teachers for future trainees in India.

In order to help Sahib further his knowledge and training, FAF invites you to support his professional development with a crowdfunding:
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Sahib Sahib