Show your solidarity for a farrier’s professional-developement

By contributing to Sahib’s professional development you are participating in the improvement of farriery and equines’ welfare in India.

Sahib is indeed one of our key hopes in beginning to fulfil our goal, which is that qualified Indian farrier will in due course become the teachers of future trainees in this country.

After his training at FAF-Farriery Institute Dundlod, Sahib has become our coordinator in India and interpreter (Hindi-English) during courses at the Institute.

His trip to Europe for his professional development would include :

  • Flights to Europe
  • His attendance at the farriery Congress of Werkman Spring Games (Netherlands) 16-17-18 April 2015.
  • 2 intensive months of training with several qualified farriers in Europe.

FAF extends its very grateful thanks for every contribution and will inform all the contributors about Sahib’s progression.

Sahib Parminder Singh’s professional-development costs: 5’390 €


Banking details

FAF-Flying Anvil Foundation, CH-1206 Geneva, SWITZERLAND
IBAN CH300024024019773401R