An autumn like no other

Dear friends, dear faithful supporters of FAF,

– We have had a troubled and challenging year,, we discussed the virus a lot, we remember those who passed away and the survivors, some were afraid of it, others ignored it. We have all been affected by having to put on hold some of our activities, some more than others, some businesses will never recover.

At the FAF, we have progressed a great deal in honing the content of our courses, on the development of our activities in India and Egypt. We had to encourage some of our foreign partners to not simply give up. We have worked hard to keep our infrastructures afloat and even to follow the development of some constructions.
News from the front: In Egypt, in Cairo, a new building awaits us for our first courses. Our partner Maryanne has done an admirable job in record time. There, the dire situation of animals, horses, camels, donkeys dependent on tourism is once again the focus of attention. No more income for their owner also means no more resources for food and basic care, such as hoof care. Our Foundation will do its utmost to help them as soon as we can be there.

In India the situation is also tragic, the human world, the density and the precariousness of the populations make them fragile victims. Equines are among the collateral victims, for whom survival budgets have been cut. Our partners on site are working hard to create a new school in the South. The pandemic, the severity of the quarantines have caused a drastic slow-down of all activity, travel and initiative to launch new projects.

Our school in Dundlod in Rajasthan did not admit any students this year since all schools, universities remain closed in India. Only online courses were maintained. It’s not easy to teach farriery via Google Meet! FAF has been active in the educational programs of two veterinary colleges. ‘Awareness of farriery’ is the theme we proposed. We had an unexpected and very enthusiastic participation of 900 Internet users for one of the colleges, and 100 for the other. These courses are intended to bring knowledge never taught in these universities, however practical courses are essential to bring about real changes in the practice of the profession on the ground.


Our pride of the day, our former student, Gaje from Jodhpur in Rajasthan, who is also our faithful Indian teacher, bought himself a car. Until now he had made all his business trips to go shoeing by bus with his equipment, with his tools in bags.

Nikhil, who lives in Kerala in southern India, bought himself a motorcycle, a Royal-Enfield Bullet. He goes to shoe with his equipment on the passenger seat!

Encouragingly, our young people are making their way – we have changed their outlook and many new ones are counting on us to help them find their way.

Good skill training is needed more than ever in this competitive world of ours.
We have an educational mission and we want these young people to be guided by our enthusiasm, our experience and our passion for transmitting our “know-how”.

Without our volunteers, without our partners in the field, without your support, our challenge would not be achievable!

We are extremely grateful for your loyalty, for your support.

On behalf of the entire FAF Foundation Board team and on behalf of all our partners who work for the FAF, a very cordial thank you.
Bernard Duvernay President FAF

Kir4Kir2 -Your help is always welcome, your support allows us to provide training in places and with people that very few care about. Through our training we show an interest, recognition towards them, as well as their animals who work tirelessly for very little income. Your loyalty is precious to us and our results are also yours.
I wish you a very pleasant end of the year.
With my sincere thanks
Bernard Duvernay

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